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Neighbourhood Plan, Let's work together.

Started by Chair FSMLongCrendon

You will have received promotional leaflets from Rectory Homes about building on Drakes Drive.

You will not know that Rectory Homes wrote to AVDC on the 31st October strongly suggesting that they ignore any input from the Long Crendon Parish Council based on the Neighbourhood Plan. This information was available to the planning committee before making their judgment in favour of the new Wainwrights application. The new site is outside the current Neighbourhood Plan boundary, so ignoring this obviously helped Rectory Homes to achieve an acceptance of those new homes at the end of Wainwrights blocking the views from the public footpath. Against normal procedures this letter was not available to the public until well after the meeting on the 2nd November.

I believe our Local Councillor (Hawkett) was recorded as having an interest in the Wainwrights site, possibly due to friendships. Despite this his opinion was described as “not against” the new Wainwights development. In his absence, this statement alone apparently swayed the views of the other voting Councillors. If he actually said that then he is guilty of double standards. But if in fact he remained silent on the issue then the Chair of the meeting is guilty of misleading the other Councillors who voted in favour.

All of this should alert YOU to to the need to have a robust Neighbourhood Plan in place which will give control to us in the community to protect our village. There are predatory developers on all sides of our village who would dearly love us to fail to get a Neighbourhood Plan in place. The current plan takes us up to 2022, and would give us protection up until then. Beyond that we need a controlled increase in houses (all described in the current plan). Without a Neighbourhood Plan all the words from Rectory Homes and other developers are to be taken with a large degree of mistrust.

Please vote for the current Neighbourhood plan, adding whatever comments you personally see fit to add. Please support the current Plan and please don’t give free reign to the developers circling around our village.

Geoff Smith, 4 Nov 2016

Posted 2016-11-04 12:28:23 by Chair FSMLongCrendon

think it is crucial that we work together as a whole village, and not be protectionist about our own particular patch! Once the foothold is established - every part of the village will be under threat.

Posted 2016-11-04 12:37:18 by Carolyn Smyth

Posted 2016-11-04 13:36:46 by Gregory Lismore

First of all a huge and sincere “thank you” to Rowly and all his colleagues - especially those who made the public presentation and took all the flak at the school on Wednesday night.

My comments:

We still DO need a NP to include the WHOLE existing settlement area of the village, despite some support for Drakes Drive as the solution to all the development needs of the village for the foreseeable future.
The speaker who urged re-engaging with Rectory Homes ("Kiss and make up”) may indeed be correct that Drakes Drive will eventually happen, come what may, but this will not take pressure off the rest of the village (the settlement area).
I do not see Drakes Drive as a “silver bullet” which will, at a stroke, solve all LC development issues.
Other developers, particularly those who might not get a share in any possible action at Drakes Drive, will continue to target sites around and in the village regardless of Drakes Drive.
My understanding has been that, hitherto, AVDC has not supported development at Drakes Drive on the grounds that it would create a satellite community separate from the rest of Long Crendon and this would not therefore contribute to a “sustainable development”.
Drakes Drive development could, in the longer term, encourage:
Future “ribbon development” towards Thame.
"Mission-creep" back into Long Crendon up the B 4011.
Possible continuation across the back of the High Street eventually joining up with Chearsley Road somewhere near Church End or the driveway to Manor and Cophill Farms.
Can the PC/steering group please find out AVDC’s up-to-date policy on Drakes Drive and then publish the answer on the LC website for our benefit? This might assist a more objective discussion on the topic and avoid too much unhelpful speculation.
Finally, don’t give up:
We NEED the NP to be carried through to completion.
We know it won’t be fool-proof.
It will not guarantee complete protection from all undesirable developments, but it will be a powerful weapon.
We may lose a battle or two along the way (Wainwrights on 2/11/16) but the war is still worth fighting for!

Well done LCNPSG and carry on the good work!

"Never, never, never give up …….Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” Winston Churchill.

Posted 2016-11-04 17:44:20 by Christopher Lilley

Well said Chris. We do need people to add their support for the Neighbourhood Plan by e-mailing or writing a letter to the Clerk to the Parish Council at
By supporting the Neighbourhood Plan (and adding comments to it if you wish) will we have the power to determine the outcome for the whole of our village and surroundings. Please write something before the 21st November.

Posted 2016-11-06 07:47:11 by Geoff Smith

I am writing in response to the propaganda (dictionary definition: ‘information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote a political cause or point of view’) that landed on my doorstep the morning after the consultation meeting on our neighbourhood plan.

I attended the presentation given by the Parish council to the village, held in the village school on Wednesday 2 November 2016, on the pre-submission Neighbourhood Plan which is currently out for public consultation and comment. I applaud the Parish Council and the steering group in their unenviable task (or poison chalice as some may say) and all the work that they have done so far.

As villagers themselves, the Parish Councillors’ aims are to protect this lovely village that we all live in, including the social mix of our community, the views, amenities, green spaces etc., and to manage the inevitable increase in housing stock in the best way possible, not just for the next 5 years, but also with a long term two stage plan looking forward to 2022 and 2033.

From the presentation I took away the message that no action is not an option.

Houses are going to be built here whether we like it or not, but that we, with the plan, have the opportunity to have control over the type of house, the look and where these houses are built and to ensure that any new houses are built with the village and our residents in mind, rather than being at the mercy of profit makers who have no interest in those of us who have to live here.

One option, that of Drakes Drive, created a lot of discussion at the meeting, and at first glance seems very attractive.

It should be noted that IF Drakes Drive were to be included in our plan, this would not necessarily stop other future development in the village and we could end up with far more than we bargained for. It is not an option of either/or and is potentially a Pandora’s box. I believe that the Parish Council had very good reasons for not including this in their pre-submission plan. The old saying ‘All that glitters is not gold’ springs to mind.

The very next day after the public presentation by the Parish Council I received in the post a four-page colour marketing propaganda document from Rectory Homes concerning ‘Land North of Drakes Drive’, with the title ‘LONG CRENDON NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN – ANOTHER OPTION’.

This was clearly a marketing document and focused only on why Rectory should be allowed to build 150 or more houses on what is currently farmland and is outside the village settlement boundary as drawn by the Council representing the village. It makes unchallenged assertions as to the suitability or otherwise of potential building sites. It fails to acknowledge the sensible approach of the Parish Council and attempts to poke little holes in the plan proposals. It smacks of sour grapes. I needed to remind myself that I was reading marketing propaganda and read it in the spirit in which it was written.

The timing of it’s delivery by post was impressive and NO coincidence.

It should be remembered that Rectory Homes applied for and have been granted outline planning permission for new houses on farmland at the bottom of Wainwrights in Long Crendon despite significant and substantial public objection by the majority of village residents who commented on the application.

It should also be noted that Rectory Homes changed key points in their outline proposal during the planning process from one that maintained the view out of the village to one that now completely blocks the view from Wainwrights and brings the housing development right up to the footpath. They have reduced the proposed number of houses to just under the limit that would require them to build 30% social housing – a need that is very clearly identified in the Neighbourhood Plan.

It should also be noted that Rectory Homes have been granted outline planning permission for the whole of this field, and they could at any time submit plans to develop the rest of this field. This would also not be in the interest of the village.

Let us be under no illusion - Rectory homes is business, and their business is to make as much profit as they possibly can - Drakes drive is a gold mine to them. In no way, shape or form do they have the best interests of the village – no matter how glossy their brochure is. They have shown their true colours over Wainwrights!

Why should residents of this village place any trust in a propaganda document from such a developer whose business objectives are to make as many pounds profit as possible, rather than the Parish Council whose sole purpose is to enhance the lives of Parish residents on a non-profit basis?

It might be easier to sit back and do nothing but then there is the real possibility that by not adopting the pre-submission plan as soon as possible that we leave our village open to uncontrolled property speculation The Parish Plan is divided into two stages in an inventive and very sensible way for all Parish residents given the financial desires of speculative property developers. It is the best way to protect the village from greed. It needs to be supported.

Please do not be misled by marketing propaganda from sources that have a potentially very large profit opportunity in developing large country fields.

Please support your Parish Council on the pre-submission Neighbourhood Plan by writing or emailing the Parish Clerk (Grant Stevens) with your positive support and pointing out all the good things in it. The consultation period runs until Monday 21st November.

Email The Parish Clerk on; with your comments.

Lucy Pemberton
6 November 2016

Posted 2016-11-06 20:37:18 by Lucy Pemberton

I attended the meeting about the Neighbourhood Plan at Long Crendon School which was well presented and managed.However I remain unconvinced that the plan is the best solution for Long Crendon.
1. 231 houses are required,the Plan provides a maximum of 166 in small plots outside the present village boundary,some of which are still being contended.
2. None of the proposed developments are guaranteed to provide affordable housing for the young and old.
3. There is no room within the revised village boundary for the extra housing requirements of 65 houses.
4. A good number of those present at the meeting seemed to be in favour of the Drakes Drive site.

Subsequent to the meeting I have received the Rectory plan for the land north of Drakes Drive and think that this is the best option for future housing in the village instead of the Madges, Wainwrights, Gladman, Sycamore, Sandy Lane and Westfield sites.

I request that the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group reconsider the Drakes Drive housing plan for the benefit of Long Crendon villagers.
Ann Turner.

Posted 2016-11-07 12:53:07 by Ann Turner

It was plainly obvious from Nov 2nd meeting that the PC are doing everything possible NOT to include Drakes Drive (DD).
The Plan is already too late in the day to stop DD- control has been lost already e.g. Wainwrights.
What a shame it would be If Rectory Homes decline the offer of a new football pitch and changing rooms/facilities.
I hope the PC will listen, take note of the feedback received and act accordingly.

Posted 2016-11-14 18:43:09 by David Copping

The neighbourhood plan looks very sensible to us. It allows small scale developments now and if need be at a later stage can be amended, rather than large developments of houses now, which then will attract more attention by builders. The latter means we might get much more than we have been asked for.
We are in full support of the neighbourhood Plan, well done to all who developed it. We are in particular pleased that it does not want development towards Thame. Any development in that direction, and this includes Drakes Drive, will risk that we will not be able to get out of the village anymore in wet winters or summers. During the last flooding events the water was c. 1m below the bridge close to the services and any more housing there means more run-off into the river. If you check the Environment Agency flood risk map for this area, then you will see that all other routes will already be cut off. This was the case during the last flooding events.
We strongly oppose any developments there or anywhere else outside the current village boundaries. We moved to a village for a reason and do not want it to develop into a small town or merge with Thame. Should Harroell not be ear-marked as green space, then we might loose it eventually.
Please note that Drakes Drive was of significant interest for nature conservation as the Brown Hairstreak Butterfly (very rare and a Section 41 species) was breeding there. We believe that this interest was deliberately destroyed by cutting the entire hedge.
Will the Parish Council object to the Wainwright development or go to Court over it?

Posted 2016-11-17 12:20:44 by Barbara Ismay

With reference to the post above.
In 5 years time the Plan will be obsolete.
As a village we will be approximately 70 houses short of target (which will rise).
Can someone please inform me where they might be built?
Thank you.

Posted 2016-12-03 09:34:29 by David Copping

David, there are only a few things in life that are certain, and planning is not one of them. There is a good chance that our village target will reduce not rise. This is based on the fact that AVDC target may reduce soon. No new houses can be built without going through the normal planning process which will allow everyone to comment. You, as a past member of the Parish Council know this of course. We all need to keep a sensible discussion going as our collective inputs will continue to be required as the Neighbourhood Plan evolves in the years to come. Kind regards to all.

Posted 2016-12-03 11:44:26 by Geoff Smith

I am all for sensible discussion and honest consultation that listens and responds to feedback.
Let's hope the Parish Council have an open mind at all times.

" migration has stayed near record levels, standing at 335,000 in the year to June, the Office for National Statistics has said.
There was also a record number of EU citizens coming to live in Britain with the figure standing at 284,000.
Net migration - immigration minus emigration - was the second-highest number on record." BBC news 1st Dec 2016

In light of the above it is highly likely that our quota will rise over the coming years.

Posted 2016-12-12 20:19:00 by David Copping

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