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Started by Kenneth Cooney

Posted 2016-11-17 09:12:31 by Kenneth Cooney

Quite a number of residents at the Pre Submission Meeting, on 2 November and subsequently, expressed the view that all future development in the village should be located at Drakes Drive, rather than elsewhere. At first sight, this seems to be a good idea but how many of us would be keen to purchase an expensive new property 100 yards or so from the sewage works, adjacent to the growing industrial park and exiting onto the busy Thame road, close to a roundabout?

At the Public Exhibition, on 6 May 2016, Rectory Homes indicated a residential development of 50 homes at Drakes Drive. On 2 November, this number had escalated to 150, with a large field adjacent estimated to be capable of accommodating a further 200., i.e. a total of 350.

The original target for additional housing in AVDC was earlier set at 33000, but we were advised recently that this has been reduced to 28800, a reduction of approximately 19 %. As a result, it was stated that AVDC had exceeded their required 5 year target and the figure now stood at 5.8 years. The target originally set for Long Crendon was 120 dwellings which subsequently rose to 231, If this were reduced by 19% the requirement would now be 188. The approval for 19 properties at Wainwrights reduces this to 169 which, should the outstanding applications for Chilton Road – 65 and Madges Farm 35/41 proceed, further lowers the outstanding amount to 69/63 – over the next 17 years to 2033!!

I may well be accused of having a biased opinion, but the approval of the Wainwrights development of 19 houses, outside the long established residential boundary of Harroell, will deprive the village of the only outstanding 120 degree panoramic view which has been enjoyed by residents and visitors daily for centuries. As anticipated, this decision was immediately followed by a pre-prepared four page announcement of 150 houses at Drakes Drive, which arrived in the post next day, on 3 November.

Just now , ‘’Planning’’ appears to be a misnomer, as development is currently driven by predators, rather than by local authorities/residents. In 2015 the Long Crendon Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group was set up, at the request of AVDC, to assist them in attaining the targets set by the Government. It has been working closely and has held regular meetings with them in an effort to reach a satisfactory arrangement with all parties, including residents. Interestingly, AVDC has hitherto stated that Drakes Drive is not a development option for the reasons stated above.

Given that the required target presently covers the period to 2033, it appears unreasonable therefore to expect communities to come up with a total number NOW! Times will undoubtedly change and the figure may well go up or down. We owe a debt of gratitude to those who are prepared to give up substantial time to look at all the options apparently available, consult, advise and negotiate with residents in a very difficult and controversial situation. LCNPSG deserves our support and if anyone disagrees I suggest that they should join the Group to assist in finding a solution. It is a thankless task, but the possibility of 350 dwellings at Drakes Drive is not an option. Why? because, although developers may make a token contribution towards the required infrastructure, sewage facilities, schools, surgeries, traffic congestion and the availability of employment locally are someone else’s problem. Such is the state of ‘’planning’’ today.

Posted 2016-11-17 17:24:02 by Kenneth Cooney

This situation is not just a two horsed race, it is potentially complex. Please let me explain things as I see them.

A worst case scenario is that we don’t have a Neighbourhood Plan, because then the developers will be able to do almost as they please. So I believe that everyone would support a Neighbourhood Plan of some sort – to achieve that you must write to the Clerk and express your views.

The next worst case scenario is that the Gladman’s Appeal in December results in a large number of houses on Chilton Road and we have a Neighbourhood Plan that includes Drakes Drive immediately. That would very quickly go way over the top of our required new house numbers (which are not fully required until 2033). There is no way of knowing what the next stage would be in that chess game, but my guess is that Long Crendon would grow rapidly towards Thame and around the industrial estate.

So I believe that we should be trying to get a Neighbourhood Plan together which has the smallest overall impact initially. We can always come back to Drakes Drive in 2022 if people wish, but by then we as a village will be in the driving seat.

Regarding football pitches and other amenities, they all cost money. Now it is easy to see that if we allow a large number of houses to be built outside our village boundary that we can be bribed with a football pitch, but it is only money. If the village desperately wants a football pitch then I’m sure that with a bit of collective effort a way could be found to achieve it without resorting to developing satellite villages on our borders.

In summary, please write in to the Clerk before the 21st November expressing your desire for a Neighbourhood Plan (and I say as small as possible initially). We shall probably know the result of the Gladman’s Appeal before any other action can be taken, unless of course you also support Rectory Homes in the interim.

If you are talking to anyone else then please get them to write their views down and send them to the Clerk, Grant Stevens on Thanks.

Posted 2016-11-18 16:27:27 by Geoff Smith

On this thread I would ask-
Where will the 69/63 houses go from 2022 to 2033?
With the population rising this allocation will only go in one direction.

Posted 2016-12-03 09:27:44 by David Copping

Thank you for your comment, David, but the time scale from now is about 16 years, an average of 4/5 per year which should be achievable in the circumstances without going to Drakes Drive.

Posted 2016-12-03 09:53:38 by Kenneth Cooney

Thank you for your comment, David, but the time scale from now is about 16 years, an average of 4/5 per year which should be achievable in the circumstances without going to Drakes Drive.

Posted 2016-12-03 09:53:48 by Kenneth Cooney

4/5 per year for 16 years will result in every possible green pocket of land developed within the village and is not feasible or possible, unless one builds behind the school or Drakes Drive. Not including Drakes Drive will deny present and future villagers of much needed extra amenity with additional traffic congesting the roads.

Posted 2016-12-12 20:07:59 by David Copping

The Neighbourhood Planning Group is due to have a second meeting with Rectory Homes before Christmas to discuss a way forward. When the development at Wainwrights was approved outside the accepted housing boundary it also opened up access to the field below, Lower/Long Furlong. Rectory Homes present plans at Drakes Drive include sporting facilities on that land also and the prospect of up to 200 further homes. It would then be necessary to bring another road up through Wainwrights which would cause chaos in the High Street and surrounding area.Such a development would increase the size of the village by about 35%without the required infrastructure.

Posted 2016-12-13 09:22:18 by Kenneth Cooney

This discussion seems to have dried up BUT re the forthcoming referendum - the information from the Counting Officer seems almost deliberately vague "registration procedure to ensure you can vote on 7th September on the question "adoption on the Long Crendon Neighbourhood Plan"
Does this mean that everyone who wishes to vote in the referendum must first register (what are the criteria)? If we are already on the electoral role is this unnecessary?

Posted 2017-08-02 21:21:30 by Steve Graham

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